SLOTHFILM offers a full end to end video production service including effective video marketing strategy advice and implementation.
Our passion is to help sustainable, health, sports, fitness and outdoor brands create effective videos and video marketing strategies so they can better communicate with their customers and see greater returns from their marketing investments. 
We believe video should not just look pretty but actually has to provide value and return for our clients.
Content first needs to have a message and a purpose. What is the goal or result you'd like to achieve from a piece or package of content?
It also needs to get seen - How and where are your customers going to see the content?
Having an effective video marketing strategy in place helps to distribute your videos to your target audience and achieve results for your brand or business.
To get an idea of how strategy plays a role in maximising the effectiveness of the content we create below is an example of a simple strategy of how we plan a successful content strategy,
We start from a FREE CONSULTATION to better understand your business and goals before taking that information back to the office and get to work creating a plan that meets your needs. Below is a guide to our workflow.
RESEARCH - We look at your company, products, services, business sector, consumer group, competitors, overall industry.
PLAN - We then create a plan for you on what content is needed to achieve those goals and what strategies will get those videos in front of your consumers and get results.
PRE PRODUCTION - If you decide to proceed we develop suitable concepts, storyboard, location scout, cast, crew and everything that goes into planning a smooth efficient shoot.
PRODUCTION - The fun part, we light, direct and shoot your content.
POST PRODUCTION - Edit, Grade and add any animation / motion graphics to the project.
DELIVER - After you approve the content we prepare them and export the finished videos in whatever formats are required.
DISTRIBUTE - Finally, we give you a strategic plan of how best to distribute the content in a targeted way to reach your audience best. If your business doesn't have someone to enact this plan we can also help organise this for you.
DATA COLLECTION AND OPTIMISATION  - Once the campaign rolls out data is collected and analysed. From this data you can better understand your customers, what videos and distribution platforms are performing best. Then you can then improve the targeting of the distribution strategy to increase effectiveness and spend less per lead and conversion.​​​​​​​
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